NOTD: MUA shade 13

So here it is, the first of my MUA nail polishes, creatively titled “shade 13”.

I love the MUA range at Superdrug, I think the pigmentation across the range (E/S etc) is fantastic, and the quality is generally way higher than anything you’d expect for £1!

Here’s shade 13; a rich metallic green. (two coats with Sally Hansen Double Duty as base, Seche Vite at topcoat.)

MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - no flash
Without Flash, and below, with flash.

MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - with flash

As is (seemingly) common amongst us newbie polish bloggers, I quickly discovered photographing your mani can really bring out any flaws, even ones you may have overlooked! Seeing these pictures now, there are definitely spots where I think this would have benefitted from a third coat. Ah, you live and learn!

P0lished xx

PS –

A few thoughts a day later! I applied this in the evening, and got a couple of small chips within the first real day of wear, which wasn’t ideal. By the afternoon of the next day however, I’d lost about a third of the polish off my right index finger, and I had some early tip wear. I’m right handed, so it could be attributed to dominant hand/index finger and a long and busy day (We’d travelled from Sunderland to London for the Fees protest – and no, we weren’t the ones smashing the place up!) – but that was still disappointing.

Deciding to make the best of the situation and my left hand having next to no wear on it, I mattified those nails with my new Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish topcoat. Here’s how it looked:
MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - mattified

I really like this colour mattified, and hope to try it again soon, and more colours in the ranges – fingers crossed for better wear!



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