NOTD – Eyeko Military Polish

I’ve been terrible recently with nail polish spending! I blame a thread on (The nails of the day thread!) and my increasing readership of nail orientated blogs etc.

Anyway, one of these recent hauls was from eyeko, where I netted myself three polishes, in Vampira, Cosmic and Military… and at the time the offer was to get Vintage for free with any order over £10! So, all in, 4 polishes for £10.50 with free delivery! That’s what I call a bargain 🙂

So, today I applied Military. I like it, in that it’s very different from any other polishes I have, or even that I have seen. Forgive my sucky application, I’m a bit ‘meh’ today (see London Student Protest if you want to understand why!) as yesterday was physically and emotionally tiring!

Eyeko Military Polish – no flash
Eyeko Military Polish - with flash
Eyeko Military Polish – with flash

There were, however, a few things I didn’t like so much about this polish. It could have had much smoother coverage – I felt I had to work fairly hard to get this to behave! I also found the brush had moments of sticking up oddly, but that might be a one-off. I know I was messier in the application of this than I normally am with polishes – but I’m not certain if that was down to me or the polish, so I’ll hold off judgement just yet.

Overall though, I still like it thus far. We’ll see how it wears, but it’s certainly an unusual shade!

If you want to grab some polishes or other makeup at Eyeko, using my ambassador code will get you a freebie 🙂
it’s E12394

p0lished x


NOTD: MUA shade 13

So here it is, the first of my MUA nail polishes, creatively titled “shade 13”.

I love the MUA range at Superdrug, I think the pigmentation across the range (E/S etc) is fantastic, and the quality is generally way higher than anything you’d expect for £1!

Here’s shade 13; a rich metallic green. (two coats with Sally Hansen Double Duty as base, Seche Vite at topcoat.)

MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - no flash
Without Flash, and below, with flash.

MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - with flash

As is (seemingly) common amongst us newbie polish bloggers, I quickly discovered photographing your mani can really bring out any flaws, even ones you may have overlooked! Seeing these pictures now, there are definitely spots where I think this would have benefitted from a third coat. Ah, you live and learn!

P0lished xx

PS –

A few thoughts a day later! I applied this in the evening, and got a couple of small chips within the first real day of wear, which wasn’t ideal. By the afternoon of the next day however, I’d lost about a third of the polish off my right index finger, and I had some early tip wear. I’m right handed, so it could be attributed to dominant hand/index finger and a long and busy day (We’d travelled from Sunderland to London for the Fees protest – and no, we weren’t the ones smashing the place up!) – but that was still disappointing.

Deciding to make the best of the situation and my left hand having next to no wear on it, I mattified those nails with my new Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish topcoat. Here’s how it looked:
MUA Nail Polish shade 13 - mattified

I really like this colour mattified, and hope to try it again soon, and more colours in the ranges – fingers crossed for better wear!